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Eye Restoration Clinic
Ocular Prosthetic Services

Payments & Insurances


Medicare covers prosthetic eyes and related services. Prior to your fitting we will request a prescription from your referring Ophthalmologist or your primary care physician for specific service.

State Medicaids:

Eye Restoration Clinic is a provider of service with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas & Missouri Medicaid Programs.

Private Insurance:

Although we are not contracted with many insurance companies, we are able to file a claim to your insurance company for you. It is the patient's responsibility to provide the required information to our staff for the purpose of investigating your particular insurance benefit.

Our staff is available and willing to help with insurance questions, claim submissions, etc. Most private insurances will give us "in-network" benefits for our patients, though it is not guaranteed.

All Patients:

All patients are responsible for deductibles and their portion of contracted fees. We do take all major credit cards, cash, checks & debit cards. It is our goal to take care of our patients, so if this puts pressure on you or your family we will make a payment plan that will fit in your budget.

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